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Thank you for your interest in community solar.

With electricity prices rising, there has never been a better time to save money by enrolling in community solar. Signup is easy and a support team is available to answer any questions. By enrolling, you will:

Save money on utility costs

Support clean, renewable energy

Help our communities become more energy independent and sustainable

"By launching this campaign as part of Kingston Community Energy, we're raising awareness that community solar is a practical step residents can take to save money on utilities. We encourage residents to explore the benefits of community solar for your home or business."
– Mayor Steven T. Noble

For any questions, email our team at kingston@powermarket.io or give us a call at (845) 382-3941.

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Fill out some basic details to enroll in the Moores Hill Community Solar Project in New Windsor, NY.

Kingston Community Solar is an initiative of the City of Kingston.

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What is community solar?

Community solar provides you with the benefits of clean energy without the hassle of a traditional solar panel installation. This program is brought to you by Kingston Community Energy.

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Join a Renewable Energy Project

You join a solar project in your community, which pumps clean energy into the local power grid.

Power Your Home

You continue to receive electricity from your utility company, without installing any equipment.

Save Money

You receive credit on your electric bill as your project produces clean energy. You save money, guaranteed!

How it works

When you sign up for a community solar project, you will receive credits on your monthly electric bill. These credits lower the cost of your bill, and your participation contributes to a more sustainable future. You pay for those energy credits at discount and you save. It’s that simple. Here are the three easy steps to make it happen.

Step 1

Provide Basic Details

Fill out some basic details to enroll – your name, email, and electric account number. This will help us confirm your energy usage, so we can match your account with the right amount of solar energy.

Step 2

Access Dashboard

Once you’ve subscribed, you will have access to a personal dashboard where you can see your monthly savings, the project’s solar energy production, and its environmental impact.

Step 3

See Savings

You will start seeing savings on your electric bill a month after your community solar project becomes operational.

Your Project

Moores Hill Community Solar

2,710 kW Output New Windsor, NY

This project is a key part of the Kingston Community Energy initiative, designed with a focus on inclusivity and sustainability. It specifically targets Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) and Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) households as defined by New York State. Eligible participants will enjoy up to a 15% discount on their monthly electric bill through community solar credits. Located in the historic town of New Windsor, near the picturesque Hudson River in Orange County, New York, Lodestar's latest community solar project is set to generate 2.7 megawatts of clean, renewable energy.

Moores Hill Community Solar Image

Project Coverage

Map of region eligible for Kingston Community Solar

The Moores Hill Project is exclusively open to residents within Kingston's state-designated disadvantaged community (DAC) areas. Residences within the shaded regions qualify for the Moores Hill Project.

When the Moores Hill Project, accommodating around 550 slots, fills up, or for non-LMI (Low-to-Moderate Income) residents outside the DAC zones, enrollment will commence for another project providing a 10% savings rate.

Project Details

Contract Term

20 years

Discount Type

15% discount

Cancellation Fees

No fees to cancel

Cancellation Info

Cancel anytime with 60 days' notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to put anything on my roof?
No! That's the beauty of community renewables. You get all of the benefits of clean energy without having to install anything at your home or business.
What if I move?
If you move within the same utility zone, you can still be part of the project, just let us know so we can make the changes on your account. If you move to an area where we don't have a project, you'll unfortunately have to cancel your membership.
Can my HOA, house of worship, or school qualify?
Yes. HOAs, houses of worship, and schools can qualify to receive savings. You can also ask us about our affiliate program so your organization can partner with us and receive even more benefits and savings!
What if I want to leave the project?
If for whatever reason you want to leave, terms and conditions may vary depending on the project. It's important to review your subscription agreement to see if there are any particular requirements. In most cases, you simply have to give a certain amount of notice so we can find someone else to take your spot.
Are there any issues with reliability? Are you replacing my utility company?
Nope. You will have the same reliability that you have always had. Nothing will change except now when you receive your utility bill, you will see your bill credit applied, reducing your monthly energy costs. Your utility company still maintains the physical grid system, ensuring reliability, and delivering the electricity you use to power your home, business, or place of worship. We work with utilities to get more renewable energy on that grid system and transition to a more sustainable future.
What happens if the community renewable project I'm subscribed to goes offline? (ex. A storm damages my community solar project and it has to go offline for repairs).
If for whatever reason, the project you're subscribed to goes offline, you'll still be getting electricity from your utility company, but you temporarily won't be getting the discount from your renewable project subscription. (i.e. things will go back to how they were before you subscribed). If a project has to shut down completely, we'll help you switch to another project in your area if one is available.
I already have solar panels. Can I still sign up?
Unfortunately, you’re not able to enroll in community solar if you already have solar panels installed.
I already have clean energy through an ESCO (Energy Services Company / Supplier). Can I still sign up?
Yes! You can maintain your ESCO contract and still join a community renewable project. In fact, signing up for both is encouraged. When choosing an ESCO as your energy supplier, you have the ability to power your home with renewable energy. Signing up for a community renewable project, on the other hand, provides a discount on the electricity produced while supporting local solar development.
Are you an ESCO (Energy Services Company/Supplier)?